Welcome to our Innovation

At AtticInnovations we specialise in optimising your unused space because we know that in the modern age, space is at a premium. With up to 33% of your homes floorspace located in the loft/attic, you could be missing out on the precious storage space to un-clutter your home, garage, or any other nook and cranny currently storing un-used bits and bobs.

We convert this wasted part of your home into useable storage space, supplying and installing access ladders, flooring and attic storage rooms to not only give you more space, but adding precious value to your home.

What could you do with all that extra space?

Our attic storage rooms are ideal dust free, clean and light, suitable for all types of roof spaces from a few metres square to your whole attic space. We custom design and install your dust-free rooms that will maximise your roof space and ensure your attic is an easily accessible, safe and clean storage solution for Christmas decorations, kids toys, sports equipment, suitcases, out of season clothes and much more!

All supplied and installed from as little as £950.00

Price based on 10m2 flooring, new hatch opening, Spacemaker ladder and full dust proof storage room.